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Microcosm Publishing

The Burning - Young Readers Edition

The Burning - Young Readers Edition

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This is a young-adult adaptation of The Burning, a powerful and devastating tale of the razing of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 31, 1921. On that day, the ugly convergence of white supremacy and racialized capitalism exploded into violence when a white mob murdered hundreds of Black citizens and fire-bombed the thriving Black business district until it burned to the ground. It’s a history book written with the narrative thrust and emotional resonance of fiction, giving young readers (ages 12 to 18) the opportunity to grapple with the legacy of American racial violence at an age-appropriate and approachable level. Authored by Tim Madigan, adapted by Hilary Beard. Microcosm Publishing. ISBN 9781250787699.

Made in United States

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